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The Derbes Law Firm Appointed as Special Counsel in Bankruptcy Case of Westbank Holdings, LLC


March 4, 2022, Eastern District of Louisiana – Upon the application filed by Westbank Holdings, LLC, Cypress Park Apartments II, LLC, Forest Park Apartments, LLC, Liberty Park Apartments, LLC, and Washington Place, LLC as Debtors and Debtors-in-possession pursuant to Fed. R. Bankr. P. 2014(a) for an order authorizing the employment of special counsel, Honorable Bankruptcy Judge Meredith S. Grabill approves the Debtor’s retention of Frederick L. Bunol and The Derbes Law Firm, LLC (collectively “DLF” or the “Firm”), as Debtor’s counsel pursuant to Section 327(a) of Chapter 11 of Title 11 of the United States Code.

As per the application, the Debtor anticipates that special counsel will render general legal services to the Debtor as needed throughout the course of the Chapter 11 case, including bankruptcy, corporate, finance, litigation, mergers and acquisitions, and real estate. The application also states that the professional services that special counsel will render to the Debtor include, but shall not be limited to, the following:

(a) providing legal advice concerning its powers and duties as debtor-in-possession in the continued management of its business and property;
(b) attending meetings with representatives of its creditors and other parties in interest;
(c) taking all necessary action to protect and preserve the Debtor’s estate, including the prosecution of actions on the Debtor’s behalf, the defense of any action commenced against the Debtor, negotiations concerning litigation in which the Debtor is or may become involved, and objections to claims to be filed by the estate;
(d) preparing on behalf of the Debtor motions, applications, answers, orders, reports, and papers necessary to the administration of the estate;
(e) negotiating and preparing on the Debtor’s behalf a plan of reorganization, disclosure statement, and all related agreements and documents, and taking any necessary action on behalf of the Debtor to obtain confirmation of such plan;
(f) appearing before this Court to protect the interests of the Debtor before this Court;
(g) performing all other necessary legal services and providing all necessary legal advice to the Debtor in connection with this Chapter 11 case;
(h) advising the Debtor concerning the executory contract and unexpired lease assumptions, assignments and rejections and lease restructuring and recharacterizations; and
(i) commencing and conducting litigation necessary and appropriate to assert rights held by the Debtor, protect assets of the Debtor’s Chapter 11 estate, or otherwise further the goal of completing the Debtor’s successful reorganization

In re Westbank Holdings, LLC, Case No. 22-10082