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Sulmeyer Kupetz Appointed As Special Counsel For Girardi Keese


November 30, 2021, Central District of California – Upon consideration of the application of Trustee Elissa D. Miller for the estate of Debtor Girardi Keese, Honorable Judge Barry Russell approves the appointment of Sulmeyer Kupetz, A Professional Corporation, as special avoidance power litigation counsel in the Debtor’s bankruptcy case. Per Miller’s application, the special counsel is retained and will assist the Trustee in

(a) investigating the estate’s avoidance power claims,
(b) advising the Trustee regarding the proposed commencement of avoidance power claims and any defenses thereto,
(c) negotiating with the recipients of avoidance power claims regarding any
demands transmitted on behalf of the Trustee,
(d) commencing, prosecuting, defending, and compromising avoidance power claims,
(e) preparing for and attending pre-trial meetings, status and pre-trial conferences, settlement conferences, mediations, and depositions, and
(f) documenting any compromise of controversy and seeking a court
approval for any compromise.

In re Girardi Keese, Case No. 2:20-bk-21022-BR