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Girardi Keese Trustee Files a Cluster of Lawsuits to Clawback Millions


Download the full pdf of the complaint by clicking: here

January 05, 2023, US Bankruptcy Court for Central California – Elissa D. Miller, as chapter 7 trustee (“Trustee”) for the estate of Girardi Keese (“Debtor”), has filed more than fifty complaints in the past two weeks against several Defendants. The complaints attempt to claw back alleged fraudulent transfers made by Girardi Keese to these Defendants.

The Trustee alleges that Girardi Keese, a law firm founded by Thomas V. Girardi, was an “illicit” and “felonious” business that allegedly stole millions of dollars of client funds. The Trustee further alleges that the Debtor began to “drain” its estate to pay certain preferred creditors and third parties at a time when the firm was in a precarious financial state and allegedly unable to pay its creditors. The Trustee contends that the Debtor made several transfers and payments during the seven-year period before the bankruptcy filing to allegedly defraud its creditors.

The Trustee seeks to avoid and recover these transfers pursuant to sections 544, 548, and 550 of the Bankruptcy Code. It could lead to recovery in millions from Bravo’s Construction ($5.4 million), Trial Technologies, Inc. ($3.5 million), and Wrongful Death Consultants, Inc. ($2.3 million), among others.

In re Girardi Keese, AP No. 20-21022, US Bankruptcy Court for Central California.