Home Retentions Georgia Court OK’s the Appointment of Boyer Terry LLC as Counsel for Sangha Hospitality, LLC

Georgia Court OK’s the Appointment of Boyer Terry LLC as Counsel for Sangha Hospitality, LLC


February 23, 2022, District of Georgia – The United States Bankruptcy Court for District of Georgia approves the appointment of Boyer Terry LLC as a counsel for Debtor Sangha Hospitality, LLC. The Debtor’s application states that Boyer Terry LLC is retained to provide the following services :

a. To provide legal advice concerning the powers and obligations of the Debtor-in-Possession in the continued operation of the business and management of the Debtor;
b. To prepare on behalf of Debtor, as Debtor-in-Possession, necessary applications, motions, answers, reports, and other legal papers;
c. To continue existing litigation, if any, to which Debtor-in-Possession may be a party and to conduct examinations incidental to the administration of its estate;
d. To take any and all necessary actions for the proper preservation and administration of Debtor’s estate;
e. To assist Debtor-in-Possession with the preparation and filing of its Statement of Financial Affairs and Schedules and Lists as are appropriate;
f. To take whatever actions are necessary with reference to the use by Debtor of its property pledged as collateral, including cash collateral, if any, and to preserve the same for the benefit of Debtor and secured creditors in accordance with the requirements of the Bankruptcy Code;
g. To assert, as directed by Debtor, all claims Debtor has against others;
h. To work with the Debtor to comply with all provisions of the Bankruptcy Code and propose a plan of reorganization.
i. To perform all other legal services for Debtor as Debtor-in-Possession may deem necessary.

In re Sangha Hospitality, LLC, Case No. 22-50094-JPS