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Claims in Face Amount of $588 Million Transferred in LATAM Airlines Group S.A.


April 27, 2022, Southern District of New York – Pilar II Leasing Limited, Picaflor Leasing Limited and LS-Aviation transfer rights, titles and interests in their claims in the bankruptcy case of LATAM Airlines Group S.A. As per the notices filed under Rule 3001(e)(1) of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District for New York, Pilar II Leasing Limited transferred its six claims in the aggregate face amount of $284 million to Atlas Gates S.A.R.L.; Picaflor Leasing Limited transferred its three claims of aggregate face value $168 million to Amber Gate S.A.R.L.; and other claims with aggregate face value of $136 million were transferred to Ivy Gate S.A.R.L. in the following manner:

LS-AVIATION NO. 20 CO., LTD.  IVY GATE S.A R.L. 4422 $17,000,000.02 
LS-AVIATION NO. 24 CO., LTD  IVY GATE S.A R.L. 4140 $17,000,000.01 
LS-AVIATION NO. 22 CO., LTD.  IVY GATE S.A R.L. 4404 $17,000,000.00 
LS-AVIATION NO. 21 CO., LTD.  IVY GATE S.A R.L. 4398 $17,000,000.00 
LS-AVIATION NO. 17 CO., LTD.  IVY GATE S.A R.L. 3887 $17,000,000.00  
LS-AVIATION NO. 19 CO., LTD.  IVY GATE S.A R.L. 4608 $17,000,000.00  
LS-AVIATION NO. 23 CO., LTD.  IVY GATE S.A R.L. 4567 $17,000,000.00  
LS-AVIATION NO. 18 CO., LTD.  IVY GATE S.A R.L. 4470 $17,000,000.00  

In re LATAM Airlines Group S.A., Case No. 20-11254


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