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A Connecticut Court Denies Defendants’ Motion To Dismiss, Alleged Assets Were Transferred For Less Than Reasonably Equivalent Value

The Court denies a defendants’ motion to dismiss because trustee sufficiently supports its constructively fraudulent claims with plausible facts.

Bankrupt Oil Field Equipment and Service Provider OFS International LLC Sues a Cyprus-Registered Steel Company For a $10 Million Stock Deal

OFS International LLC and OFSI Holding LLC recently commenced a lawsuit against TMK Steel Holding Limited to recover an alleged $10 million transfer of cash made by OFSI, through its parent company OFSI Holding, to TMK Steels as payment for the purchase of TMK Steel’s 49% of the outstanding shares in OFSI Holding

Massachusets Bankruptcy Judge Approves Appointment of Gray Legal Group as a Special Counsel in Shamrock Finance LLC Bankruptcy

On May 26, 2021, the Bankruptcy Court for the District of Massachusetts issued an order decreeing and approving the appointment of Gary Legal Group as a special counsel for Shamrock Finance LLC to assist Debtor in filing adversary proceedings to avoid the noteholders’ unperfected security interests that exist, as averred by the United States Trustee.