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OPeak, LLC Buys LATAM Claim from Citigroup

OPeak, LLC transfers a $1.2 million claim (which it received from Citigroup Financial Products, Inc.) to OPeak, Ltd. in LATAM bankruptcy

Debtor Alleges Non-Payment by Alleged “Alter-Ego” Entities and Sues Principal

Keys Medical Staffing, LLC (“Keys” or “Debtor”) files a complaint against SavaSeniorCare LLC (“Sava”), SSC Equity Holdings LLC, et al., for the award of damages in the amount of $969,148.38 due to an alleged breach of contract.

Fraudulent Conveyance Defendants Seek Dismissal Based on Alleged Non-Existence of Promissory Note

Defendants Dolphin Direct Equity Partners, L.P. (“DDEP”), Dolphin Advisors, LLC (“Dolphin Advisors”), and Peter E. Salas (“Mr. Salas”) file a motion for summary judgment against the complaint of Anne Elizabeth Burns, the trustee (“Trustee”) of Hoactzin Partners, L.P. (“Debtor”)

Defendants Claim Trustee’s Complaint Lacks Sufficient Details

Jupiter Brownsville LLC, JEG Holdings, LLC, et al. (“Defendants”), file a motion to dismiss the adversary proceedings brought by Daniel J. Sherman

Trustee Seeks Recovery of Alleged Subsequent Transfers to Charities

Richard Arrowsmith, in his capacity as Liquidating Trustee (the “Trustee”) of the HDL Liquidating Trust, brings adversary proceedings against forty Defendants to recover alleged subsequent “fraudulent transfers” made to these Defendants.

Stockholders Demand Turnover of Allegedly “Lost” Gemstones and Antiquities

The Ad Hoc Committee of Common Stockholders (the “Ad Hoc Committee”) of Aphex BioCleanse Systems, Inc. (the “Debtor”) sues the estate of John Bert Watson (“Watson Sr.”), John Fritzbert Watson (“Watson Jr.”)

Fifth Circuit Says Foreclosures are Transfers

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals allowed a creditor to avoid a senior lien on a property purchased and foreclosed by the property owner, holding that the foreclosure was “fraudulent” as to the creditor under the Texas Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act (“TUFTA”)

TRC Master Fund and Argo Partners Buy Claims in Fox Ortega Bankruptcy

TRC Master Fund LLC and Argo Partners buy several claims in the bankruptcy case of Fox Ortega Enterprises, Inc.

Celsius Network Engages in a Crypto Clawback Battle with Prime Trust

Celsius Network Limited and Celsius Network LLC (“Debtors”) bring an adversary proceeding against Prime Trust, LLC (“Defendant”) to seek turnover and transfer of crypto assets worth allegedly approximately $17 million at recent prices.

Contractor Trustee Sues for Construction Lien

BAK Advisors, LLC, as Liquidation Trustee of the Hollister Construction Liquidating Trust, sues Accordia Harrison Urban Renewal, LLC (“Defendant”) seeking construction lien over Accordia’s property situated at 700 Frank E. Rogers Boulevard, Harrison, New Jersey