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New York District Court Nixes Shareholder’s Appeal in Trustee Suit

The District Court for Southern New York granted Trustee Ian J. Gazes’ motion to dismiss Nicholas Gordon’s appeal from Bankruptcy Court’s orders. The orders dismissed the adversary proceeding filed by Nicholas Gordon

Wisconsin District Judge Throws Out Trustee Appeal, OK’s Earmarking Doctrine

The District Court for Eastern Wisconsin dismissed Trustee Douglas F. Mann’s appeal against the Bankruptcy Court order granting summary judgment in favor of Defendant LSQ Funding Group L.C. (“LSQ”) in the bankruptcy case of Engstrom, Inc

Banks Dump Over $50M in LATAM BK Claims

Barclays Bank and Citigroup Financial Products, Inc. transfer claims in the face amount of millions in the bankruptcy case of LATAM Airlines Group

Pioneer Funding Buys $1.4M in BK Claims From National General Insurance Company

Pioneer Funding Group LLC files evidence and notice pursuant to Rule 3001 (e)(2) of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure with the United States Bankruptcy Court for Delaware

Creditors Committee Seeks Wipe Out of UMB Bank’s Alleged Unperfected Liens

The Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors (the “Committee”) brings a lawsuit against UMB Bank, N.A. (the “Defendant”) to avoid the unperfected liens asserted by UMB Bank, N.A. on the property of the estate

Medical Center Trustee Sues Doc for Alleged Gross Mismanagement

Kevin D. McCullough, Plan Trustee (the “Trustee”) of the Pine Creek Medical Center, LLC Plan Trust, sues Dr. Manuel Ramirez (“Dr. M. Ramirez” or the “Defendant”), former board member of Pine Creek Medical Center, LLC (the “Debtor”)

Fifty-Nine Defendants Face Preference Clawback in Hopedale Mining Bankruptcy

GlassRatner Advisory & Capital Group, LLC d/b/a B. Riley Advisory Services (the “Trustee” or the “Plaintiff”) solely in its capacity as Liquidating Trustee of the Hopedale Mining, LLC et al. (the “Debtors”), brings adversary proceedings against fifty-nine (59) Defendants

Texas Energy Firm Moves to Dismiss Trustee Claim Reduction Bid

Defendant Electric Reliability Council of Texas, Inc. (“ERCOT”) moves the Bankruptcy Court to dismiss or abstain from hearing the amended complaint of Anna Phillips, trustee (the “Trustee”) of the bankruptcy estate of Entrust Energy

Business Law Today: “Caution: Committee Communications Causing Chaos-Ethical, Legal, and Strategic Considerations for Counsel in Chapter 11″*

Business Law Today: "Caution: Committee Communications Causing Chaos-Ethical, Legal, and Strategic Considerations for Counsel in Chapter 11" (Author: Jeffrey P. Bast)

Citibank, Schwab, Others Face Clawback Storm in Log Storm Security Case

John M. McDonnell, the chapter 7 trustee (the “Trustee”) of the estate of Log Storm Security, Inc. (the “Debtor”) sues thirty Defendants to clawback alleged “preferential transfers”.