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Stage Stores Claims Lloyds “Wrongfully” Discounted Its Insurance Claims

Steven Balasiano, in his capacity as the Plan Administrator of Stage Stores, Inc. and Specialty Retailers, Inc. (“Debtors”) files a complaint against certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s, London – Brit Syndicate 2987 and Brit Syndicate 2988 et al. (“Defendants”)

DRO 15R Files to Subordinate Metropolitan Mortgage Company, LLC Claims

DRO 15R, LLC (“Debtor”) files a complaint against Defendant Metropolitan Mortgage Company, LLC (“MMC”) and Defendant RO 15R, LLC (“RO15”) to determine the validity, priority and extent of liens on Debtor’s property and for equitable subordination of MMC’s claim.

Liquidating Trustee for the Fresh Acquisitions, LLC Demands Declaratory Relief over Rights and Claims under Disputed Agreement

David Gonzales, the Liquidating Trustee for the Fresh Acquisition Liquidating Trust, files a complaint against Planned Administrators, Inc., JLL Consultants, Inc. and Meta Advisors, LLC for a declaratory relief determining the rights, claims and interests under the disputed agreement.

Baybridge Sues Sunset LG Realty LLC for Specific Performance to Enforce Alleged Contractual Liabilities

Baybridge LOK Holdings, LLC (“Plaintiff/Debtor”) files a complaint against Sunset LG Realty LLC (“Defendant”) for specific performance and declaratory relief.

Venture Resources and John Rainaldi Claim Indemnification for “Motiva claims”

Venture Resources Consulting, LLC (“VRC”), John Rainaldi (“Mr. Rainaldi”) and Mr. Rainaldi in his capacity as trustee of the Rainaldi Family Trust (the “Trust”) (collectively referred to as “Plaintiffs”) bring an action against Marc Albert, in his official capacity as trustee (the "Trustee") of the bankruptcy estate of the Debtor

Synchrony Sued for Receiving Alleged “Fraudulent Transfers” from V-Twin Concepts, LLC

Chad S. Paiva, the Trustee for the V-Twin Concepts, LLC (“Debtor”) prefers a complaint against Synchrony Financial and Synchrony Bank (“Defendants”) to avoid and to recover alleged “constructive fraudulent conveyances”.

Ford Motor’s Motion to Compel Trustee Too “Burdensome”, Holds a Texas Bankruptcy Court

Defendant Ford Motor Credit recently filed a motion to compel Trustee Dennis Faulkner, for the bankruptcy estate of Reagor Dykes Motors, LP, to respond to its requests for interrogatories and production of documents.

New Jersey Bankruptcy Court Green Lights Trustee Avoidance of $2 Million Loan

The chapter 7 trustee of The Mall at the Galaxy, Inc. (the Debtor) had filed an adversary complaint against Latoc, Inc. to avoid a promissory note for $2 million loan from Latoc to the debtor.

District Court Approves Trustee’s Use of Net Investment Method In Calculating Net Equity of the Customers in the Madoff Ponzi Scheme

The District Court for the Southern District of New York has held in favor of the Trustee’s motion to avoid and recover “approximately $16,880,000 that was transferred by BLMIS (Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC) to the entity defendants, Sage Associates and Sage Realty (“Sage Accounts”), in the two years prior to BLMIS’s filing for bankruptcy.

Forty-Seven Defendants Face Clawback Actions in Comcar Industries

Patrick J. O’Malley, the liquidating trustee of debtors Comcar Industries, Inc., et al., filed adversary complaints on May 3, 2022, against forty-seven (47) defendants in the debtors’ jointly administered lead bankruptcy Case No. 20-11120.