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Adversary Proceedings Commence in Vascular Access Centers, LP


November 23, 2021, Eastern District of Pennsylvania – Trustee Stephen V. Falanga, in his capacity as Chapter 11 Trustee for the bankruptcy estate of Debtor Vascular Access Centers, L, commences lawsuits against twenty-six (26) defendants to avoid and recover alleged transfers worth $1.2 M under sections 544, 547, 548, 549, and 550 of title 11 of the Bankruptcy Code.

As alleged in the complaint, Vascular Access Centers operated its business through limited liability company subsidiaries. The subsidiaries operated and managed various outpatient vascular access centers, whereby physician interventionalists perform dialysis access procedures and other vascular access procedures on patients with end-stage renal disease and other vascular conditions or diseases.  

QCC Insurance Company, Merit Medical Systems Inc., Metter & Company, GE Healthcare Finance Services, Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. are the top five companies in the group who had been sued for alleged “preferences” and “fraudulent transfers.” The law firm of Bayard, PA, is representing the Trustee and Honorable Judge Ashely M. Chan is overseeing the Debtor’s bankruptcy cases.

In re VASCULAR ACCESS CENTERS, LP, Case No. 19-17117 (AMC)