Professional Fiduciary Services Files a Lawsuit to Recover $10M From Liquidating Trustee of Debtor Dahl’s Foods For Alleged Breach of Duty

Plaintiff John Michael Maier, Professional Fiduciary Services, LLC, as trustee for the Dahl’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan and Trust recently brought a lawsuit against Defendant Barry A. Chatz, the liquidating trustee of the Debtor Foods, Inc. Liquidating Trust for alleged breach of fiduciary duty and breach of liquidating trust agreement.

Postage By Phone Reserve Account Files a Motion to Dismiss Financial Oversight and Management Board Trustee’s Complaint for Lack of Personal Jurisdiction

Defendant Postage By Phone Reserve Account files a motion for dismissal of the adversary proceeding brought by the Special Claims Committee of the Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico and the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of all Title III Debtors for lack of personal jurisdiction.

Trustee Robert Michaelson Seeks $3.7M From Cardinal Health as Alleged Preferences in the Bankruptcy Case of Promise Healthcare Group, LLC, et al

Plaintiff Trustee Robert Michaelson of Advisory Trust Group, LLC of the Promise Healthcare Group Liquidating Trust for the bankruptcy estate of Debtors Promise Healthcare Group, LLC, et al, brings a complaint for avoidance And recovery of preferential transfers pursuant to 11 U.S.C. §§ 502(d), 547 & 550 against Defendant Cardinal Health 110, LLC.

Trustee Bonnie C. Mangan Sues a Wholesale and Retail Landscape Nursery For Alleged Transfer of Debtor’s Property For Less Than Reasonably Equivalent Value

Trustee Bonnie C. Mangan for the bankruptcy estate of Debtor Ace Begonias Inc. accuses Defendant Bethany Farm & Nursery, LLC to avoid and recover a transfer made on the eve of the Debtor’s bankruptcy filing, allegedly of all of the Debtor’s assets, its real property, and the improvements thereon for less than reasonably equivalent value.