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NovaWulf Picks Up $1.1M in Celsius Network Claims


September 23, 2022, US Bankruptcy Court for Southern New York – NovaWulf Digital Management, LP among other transferees, files evidence and notice pursuant to Rule 3001(e)(2) of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure for receiving transfers in the face amount of $1.1 million. The claimants transferred their claims in Celsius Network bankruptcy by signing respective transfer agreements. 

TransferorTransfereeClaim No.Claim Amount
Andrew Wolf LevinContrarian Funds, LLC462$252,697.91
Khanh HuaBradford Capital Holdings, LP3483$87,559.94
Bradley VeederNovaWulf Digital Management, LP7150$341,228. 20
BVeeder RD, LLCNovaWulf Digital Management, LP7183$814,607.71
Andrew ValdezBradford Capital Holdings, LP8948$27,860.42
Adam SteinbergCherokee Debt Acquisition, LLC7601$45,824.90