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Curare Laboratory Seeks $5.3 Million in Alleged Fraudulent Transfers


October 18, 2021, Western District of Kentucky – Debtor-Plaintiff, Curare Laboratory, LLC files a complaint against Defendants Solar Holdings Group, LLC, Bluewater Toxicology, LLC, and Jennifer Bolus. It seeks to recover about $5.3 million in alleged fraudulent transfers pursuant to Sections 541, 548, and 549 of the Bankruptcy Code. 

The Debtor claims to have owned 80% of the equity interests in Defendant Bluewater and filed its Chapter 11 case believing that its ownership interest could yield value to its bankruptcy estate and enable it to pay its creditors and preserve the asset. The Debtor asserts that Bluewater, through Bolus, “caused checks totaling $5.3 million to be paid to Solar and Bolus from Bluewater’s Republic Bank account” on the day after it filed its Chapter 11 petition. Allegedly, the Debtor suspected that Bolus, Solar, and Bluewater had “misappropriated” funds since 2018. The Debtor alleges that it has only scraped the surface of what has happened in the company over the last three years and seeks injunctive relief to prevent the alleged dissipation of assets by the Defendants. 

In re Curare Laboratory, LLC, Case Number: 21-31588-CRM